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About Us

In today’s world of everything digital NM Aveda strives to keep in touch with the more traditional forms of art.

With our artistic roots firmly planted in the rich soil and history of New Mexico, we want to enlighten our readers on the many great museums, galleries and various institutes dedicated to preserving the many artistic treasures on the state.

The state of New Mexico is home to some of the most world-famous art festivals, cave paintings and wall murals in the USA.

Many a great artist have graced the state and drawn a tribute to it by immortalizing their perspective of it in a great work of art.  A lot of these pieces are hung on the walls of one of the many museums or galleries that can be found throughout New Mexico.

NM Aveda is the site for updated news, reviews, information and advice on everything to do with the arts and culture in and around the fifth largest of the states in the USA, New Mexico!

As we love hearing feedback from our readers and are here to answer any questions or queries we can be contacted through the various means listed on our website and can be found in the Contact Us section.