3 History facts about Taos, New Mexico

Taos, New Mexico once an informal artists colony

Once home to the Tiwa Native Americans who lived here for centuries cultivating and caring for the land.  It was colonized by the Spanish before being taken over by the Mexicans before it was ceded to the US.  New Mexico is the fifth largest state in the USA with Sante Fe as its Capital and Taos as the forty-second largest city in the state per population.
This little town was launched into the art society by wealthy socialite and art enthusiast Mabel Dodge Luhan.  It has attracted artists from all over the world and hosts some of the top art events throughout the year.


3 Historical facts about the artful town of Taos

#1 The Taos Pueblo
The original Pueblo (which means village or town in Spanish) was built about one-thousand years ago.  This original Pueblo is still standing which makes it the oldest inhabited community in America.It was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1960 and in 1992 UNESCO Heritage declared it as a UNESCO Heritage site.

#2 Ancestral Puebloans
The Ancestral Puebloans were made up of various Native American tribes that came from the various Four Corners region, which comprised of northwest New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Arizona.
They are believed to have been the first dwellers to have lived in Taos.

#3 Taos Pueblo hosted a trade fair
Each year in September Taos hosts a trade fair to celebrate the fairs of the years gone by.
These fairs offer a glimpse into what frontier life was like in the 1800’w when Taos was still Mexican territory.The festival offers mouthwatering eats and treats, color displays of handmade jewellery, rugs, materials and beautiful art displays!
But historically this trade fair goes back a lot further than the 1800’s as Taos Pueblo was once the central point of trade between the Native Americans that populated the areas between the tribes to the Northeast plains and those along the Rio Grande.
East fall after the agricultural harvest Taos Pueblo would host a very popular trade fair.