2 Art Museums in and around New Mexico that every art lover should visit

New Mexico is filled with art museums and galleries

New Mexico has a history of art starting way back where some of the states earliest inhabitants used art to document their history.  Leaving behind various drawings, artefacts and many treasures that are proudly displayed in the many museums and galleries splashed across the state.

2 Art Museums in New Mexico every art lover should visit


#1 Tinkertown Museum
The town displays a mix of the old west housing a museum that has it walls made up of 50 000 glass bottle encasing 22 rooms.The exterior is a bright mix of wagon wheels, wire-framed figures and various eye-catching items. Inside is where the real animation begins with figurines carved by the creator of Tinkertown, Ross Ward.  For forty years he carved miniature wood figures.
What started as a hobby that Ross Ward would take to various travelling exhibits became what is today Tinkertown.
This museum is sure to capture the imagination of both young and old as you take a trip through the miniature carved worlds from a big top to a rowdy western tavern.
Tinkertown can be found in Sandia Park, New Mexico



#2 Carlsbad Museum and Art Center
The Carlsbad Museum and Art Center is the oldest municipal museum in New Mexico.  It was established in 1931 and has some of the finest art exhibits, permanent ones, around.It focuses mainly on the regional and local history housing various artefacts and art from the Native American history.  It is also known for its fine Western and contemporary art so there is something for every taste in this museum. The museum includes works by well-known artists of the area, photographers and works from 3D photographers and cave art taken by the many cave explorers that have been drawn to the magnificent caves of New Mexico.