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Drawing tools that will change your perspective on how you draw

There are many a digital innovative application or product on the market to aid the artist into the digital era.  But as we at NM Aveda enjoy the more traditional form of art we look at some new improvements on the tools used to create real art.

3 New art products on the market

#1 Isomars Technoart Pens
Being one of the leading manufactures of technical drawing and design instruments this company has some innovative products.
Like their Technoart Pens, which produce not only technical drawings but can make the most beautiful art with the finest of detail.
The pens come in various colors with their tips ranging from 1.2mm to 0.1 mm and the best things about these pens is their price.
They come in various sizes and some packs come with extra content such as stencils, ink refills, etc.

#2 Jerry’s Jumbo Jet Oil Impregnated Charcoal Pencil
They may be a mouthful to say but these pencils are awesome.
These pencils are 5.5 mm lead that is made of oil impregnated charcoal which makes for smooth, thick, solid color.
They come in Sepia, Sanguine, White and Jet Black with an easy grip and durable tip.
These pencils are the best for outline, shading, detailing, sketching and even technical drawings.